Watch Club is the first cooperative stalking experience for VR. Break into surveillance network to steal encrypted data. Team up with a friend who will help you decipher it. Together, hack your way through the spying experts of the Watch Club!

During my internship at Kalank, during summer 2017, I worked on the game's preproduction phase, creating the neccessary UI assets and animations for the game's first show at Gamescon in Cologne, Germany. For two months, I worked directly with the game designers, sound designer and programmer to create the first playable prototype.

Inspired by the dark theme of the game and its cooperation/ party game aspects, the UI created is clunky, colorful, uncertain, but goes straight to the informations the player needs. Each mission was a challenge to design, and I had to rethink the way I represent the informations several times before comming to the final result.
In addition to the video game UI and the different rooms that one of the player visits, I had to think about the booklet design accordingly, and make it as appealing as the rest of the gaming experience.

2 month internship

Game preproduction

art direction – UI design - illustration
Cooperation puzzle game - VR and paper