Adaes Redesign

Website made for a local non-profit organization about space, as part of my bachelor degree in Webdesign with three other students.

We were very proud to help this organization renew their image and make their website more functionnal, so they could post articles for every event they organize, display a moon calendar and a sky map, create membership spaces where children could find games, and parents register for events...

For this project, I contributed to the website's UI and UX design, I was also in charge of the illustration. We wanted to make it appealing and easy to use and refer to for their community. To make it more immersive, we added lots of illustration in the same graphical style, with some paralax and transition effects. We are all very proud of the results, and that the website is still updated today.

4 months graduation project

illustration – webdesign – UI – UX

Space observation organization

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